This simple 5-DAY Challenge will help you painlessly revamp your pricing and get paid what you deserve.

Are you tired of underpricing your services or feeling uncertain about your pricing strategy? Do you want to know how to charge what you're worth and grow your business? If so, then this challenge is for you!

The 5-day Confident Pricing Challenge is an online challenge that will help you unlock the secrets to sharing your prices with confidence!  During this challenge, you'll discover the 4 Keys to Confident Pricing and learn how to incorporate them into your own pricing strategy.

Let's take a closer look at what you can expect to learn:

DAY 1:   Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and defines who you are in the marketplace. In this challenge, we'll help you identify your unique brand and show you how to leverage it to attract your ideal clients.

DAY 2:   Your level of experience is a critical factor in determining your pricing strategy. In this challenge, we'll help you understand the value of your expertise and show you how to communicate it effectively to your potential clients.

DAY 3:  Understanding your overhead and expenses is crucial to setting profitable prices for your services. Even if you’re in the same neighborhood, it does not mean your expenses are the same. Without considering this info, it’s easy to find yourself putting money into your business, instead of being able to take money out.
 In this challenge, we'll show you how to calculate your expenses accurately and use that information to price your services correctly.  Don't worry, you don't need to be an Accountant!  This will be fun and painless, I promise.

DAY 4:  
 Your services and specialty play a vital role in determining your pricing strategy. In this challenge, we'll help you identify your unique services and show you how to position them effectively in the market to command the prices you deserve.

DAY 5:  Day 5 will help you neatly tie all that you've uncovered over the last 4 days into a nice bow and show you how to use it boost your income right away.  You'll also receive some next steps to help you make a personalized 'game plan' to make even more significant increases to your income.  

By the end of this 5-day challenge, you'll have a clear understanding of how to price your services confidently and grow your business. You'll also receive daily action steps, templates, and worksheets to help you implement what you've learned.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your pricing strategy to the next level for FREE!  Join us now and unlock the secrets to confident pricing!

Your talent is NOT enough!

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What Students are saying...

No More Undercharging

by Danielle Pitts

From working with Miki, I got confirmation that I was really undercharging for my services.  I'm now ready to triple my prices and establish myself and my Salon as a Leader in my area.

Better Client Experiences

Hope 'Precious' Phillips

I've gained the confidence to build my business doing what I love and increasing my prices to allow time to create a better client experience and to give myself more freedom and room for creativity, by not being so crazy booked!

Doubled My Income

Fabienne Jean-Baptiste

The last time I worked with Miki, I doubled my income!  Now I'm back for more!  The things I'm realizing about pricing strategies are amazing, and changing the way I do business.


Pricing Strategist and Business Funding Expert

Miki Wright

Miki Wright is a Pricing Strategist who offers Business Owners the tools, training and confidence to set, communicate and raise their prices, without fear or guilt - so they can create the business, and lifestyle, they desire and deserve. From a struggling stylist forced to leave the beauty industry for a 'real job' to make ends meet, Wright transformed her career and went on to own one of the country's '200 Fastest Growing' salons, recognized by Salon Today for three consecutive years. Wright is an award winning Entrepreneur who loves helping others win. Be sure to download her FREE 'Pricing Cheat Sheet' at

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