"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

Let me teach you how to fish! 

If you're a Hairstylist who loves making people look great, and you want and NEED to have a full book, consistent income - and a life, you've come to the right place! 

Miki Wright,
Salon Business Coach
Let me show you how to build a solid clientele in 12 months or less! 

Chances are you're great at styling hair, but who knew it would be such a challenge to find enough paying customers to make a living doing what you love?   I've spoken to so many Stylist who are feeling frustrated, working 2 and 3 jobs, lowering their prices, spending (or wasting) time online, trying to get their mom, sisters and aunts to come in more often, and still they are looking at an empty appointment book. Does that sound like you?

What if I could show you how to fill your chair and your empty appointment book, not only with warm bodies, but with ideal clients who can't wait to come back and bring their friends?  What I can tell you is that it's simple, but not always easy.  It will be a test of who you are and who you're willing to become, but if you're tired of struggling on your own, why not try something different and get the guidance you need, that your Salon Owner may not have time to teach you (or may not know how to teach you)? 

Before you leave the industry, if you're ready do something different,  like using a proven system, by someone who has been there, and done that - and taught others to do the same!  Will you be next?   Click the link below and get started on the 90 Days to WOW! Ultimate Salon Success System today! 

Lessons include how to:

  • Rebook without being pushy, have them ask you when they can come back

  • Gain clarity and reach your goals faster

  • Grow your income without raising your prices

  • Make money every day - how to fill your whole week, day by day

  • Marketing/Social Media strategies to put paying clients in your chair quickly!

  • What to do when you NEED clients FAST!!

  • How to stay on track with your goals and how to get back on when you get derailed

  • Don’t go it alone - hang out with like minded people and get the support you need and deserve

What you'll receive:

  • 13 first class, easy to use lessons that will help you build a solid clientele in 12 months or less and help you to continue to develop into your ideal clientele 
  • Worksheets to enhance many of your lessons
  • Learning at your convenience whether you're on a computer, tablet or your mobile phone - unlimited access 24/7

Join Now and receive these Special Bonuses:

  • The 90 Days to WOW! The Ultimate Salon Success System that took a Stylist from struggle and wondering if she would even stay in the business, to less than a year later having a waiting list of 4-6 weeks.  That's right, in about 6 months time Charllisa "Chadowboxx" Jackson gained a whopping 176 NEW clients!  Just imagine what that would do for your business!
  • The Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST! ebook
  • Give yourself a quick check up and get on track with a  5 minute Self Assessment
  • 90 Days to WOW Planning Worksheet

Click the link below and get started today!

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About the instructor

Salon Business Coach and Host of Beauty SuperStars Talk

Miki Wright

Chances are, wherever you are, I've been there. I went from a struggling Stylist, having to go back and get a 'real job' to booked solid in months, not years. I then went on to own a successful salon where I trained my Stylists how to duplicate my success. That Salon (and later Day Spa) was selected as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three (3) consecutive years!!! Why not learn what it really takes to effectively grow your Salon, Salon Suite or clientele from someone who’s been in your shoes? Allow me to share the 'secrets' and systems that helped me grow, so that you can too!

Get started TODAY!

Let go of your frustration, your insecurities and take the proven steps to build a solid clientele, make the money you want and keep your clients coming back for LIFE!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Beauty Biz U! Let's get started!

    • Welcome to Beauty Biz U, 90 Days to WOW! (message and video)

    • Dream BIG! Goal Setting Part I (video)

    • SPECIAL BONUS: Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST! ebook

  • 2

    How SMART is your Goal?

    • How SMART is your Goal? (message)

    • Weekly Goal Planning Sheet (example)

    • Weekly Goal Planning Sheet (download)

  • 3

    Goal Setting - Part II

    • Are you in action? What's happening for you? (message)

    • Dream BIG Goal Setting Part II - Choosing Between the Good and the Great (video)

  • 4

    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

    • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway! (message)

  • 5

    Goal Setting - Part III

    • Why your goals aren't enough... inside 3rd Dream BIG (message)

    • Dream BIG Goal Setting III - Goals Aren't Enough (video)

    • Be sure to download these action planning tools! (downloads)

  • 6

    What's Your Why?

    • What's Your Why? (message)

  • 7

    But, I already know that Miki!

    • But, I already know that, Miki! (message)

  • 8

    Goal Setting IV

    • Dream BIG Goal Setting Part IV - Words of Wisdom (video)

  • 9

    Have you taken the Challenge?

    • Have you taken the challenge? (message and video)

  • 10

    Your "Real Job" as a Hairstylist; My 'Ferris Wheel' Theory

    • Build your confidence and fill your chair with ease! (message)

    • Your "Real Job" as a Hairstylist and how to stop taking things so personal... (video)

  • 11

    Clients for Life - Relationships, Rebooks and Referrals

    • How do you keep your clients coming back again and again? (message)

    • Clients for Life - Relationships, Rebooks and Referrals (video)

    • Customer Interview Form for Exception Consultations (download)

  • 12

    Now you know the secrets of Clients for Life!

    • The 'secret' is, there is a 'recipe' for success! (very important message)

  • 13

    Where's Your Money, Honey?

    • I hope you are ready to find out, 'Where's Your Money, Honey?' (message)

    • Where's Your Money, Honey? (video)

    • Now, you'll know 'where's your money, honey!' Forms inside... (downloads)

  • 14

    Congratulations! You made it!

    • Congratulations! This 90 days is only the beginning... (message)

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