STOP Chasing New Clients and Watch Your Business Soar!

Miki Wright's Proven System Unlocks the 3 Keys to Client Loyalty and Maximizing Income!

Every business needs clients!  And it's much easier (and far less expensive) if the clients you already have, come back - and come back on a regular basis!  

In this training, Business Growth Strategist, Miki Wright, shares in detail, how she built a solid clientele after relocating to a new state, with no family or friends for support.  

Not only did this work for Miki, she's helped countless other Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, Barbers and Skin Therapists to do the same.  Including her own team that was recognized as one of the '200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country' for 3 consecutive years!

This same system helped her transition out of a Corporate J-O-B and pursue her dream career.  She leaves nothing out.  This is the information that you need to have your clients asking you for their next appointment.  

This is the training you need to keep the same clients excited and coming back, year after year. 

 She also shares how to turn your exisitng clients into your own marketing 'machine' and have them sending you referrals who are already in love with you.  

Whether you desire a more steady clientele (and income), are starting from scratch in a new town or are sitting behind a desk when you really want to be working in your dream job, this training is for you!  

In this training you'll learn:

  •     Why Rebooking is The Key to a solid Salon business
  •     The Art of Rebooking made simple, step by step instructions that will transform your business
  •     Establishing clear expectations with your clients to create longterm, professional relationships
  •     How to turn your clients your biggest fans - and your personal 'marketing team' to increase referrals
  •     How to increase client loyalty in an increasingly more distracted and less loyal society
  •     How to add an additional $10,000 in income, without adding new clients!

P.S.  Even if you're not in the Beauty Industry, but want to increase your client list or enhance your 'chairside manner', this will work for you, too!

"I'll give you a step by step 'game plan' to build a solid clientele! Guaranteed.

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

Let me teach you how to fish!"  

Miki Wright

If you're a Business Owner who loves taking care of your clients, and you want and NEED to have a full clientele, consistent income - and a life, you've come to the right place! 

Miki Wright,
Business Growth Strategist

Chances are you're great at what you do, but who knew it would be such a challenge to find enough paying customers to make a living doing what you love?   I've spoken to so many Hairstylists who are feeling frustrated, working 2 and 3 jobs, lowering their prices, spending (or wasting) time online, trying to get their mom, sisters and aunts to come in more often, and still they are looking at an empty appointment book. Does that sound like you?

What if I could show you how to fill your chair and your empty appointment book, not only with warm bodies, but with ideal clients who can't wait to come back and bring their friends?  What I can tell you is that it's simple, but not always easy.  It will be a test of who you are and who you're willing to become, but if you're tired of struggling on your own, why not try something different and get the guidance you need?

Before you leave the industry, if you're ready do something different,  like using a proven system that's helped thousands of Hair Stylists, by someone who has been there, and done that - and taught others to do the same!  Will you be next?   Click the link below and get started today! 

Get started now and get immediate access to this 'game changing' training and transform your business now!

Stop the endless search for new clients and learn how to keep them coming back, for life!  Don't delay, this is a limited time offer! Click below to start NOW! 


I’m responsible for My Own Success!!

Cynthia Davenport

“My take away is that I’m responsible for My Own Success!! I have great Service to offer! And I will set my own goals and will not be intimidated by my Clients!!”

Thank you for showing me how to increase my income!

Phyllis Smith, Arizona Natural Hair Salon

“Every time I go to give away a service for free or discount it, I hear you in my ear… Thank you for showing me how to increase my income!” 

Get started TODAY!

Don't let your fears, or frustrations from the past, or thinking you can 'do it on your own', keep you from taking the proven steps to build a solid clientele, make the money you want and keep your clients coming back for LIFE!

About the Instructor

Pricing Strategist and Business Funding Expert

Miki Wright

Miki Wright is a Pricing Strategist who offers Business Owners the tools, training and confidence to set, communicate and raise their prices, without fear or guilt - so they can create the business, and lifestyle, they desire and deserve. From a struggling stylist forced to leave the beauty industry for a 'real job' to make ends meet, Wright transformed her career and went on to own one of the country's '200 Fastest Growing' salons, recognized by Salon Today for three consecutive years. Wright is an award winning Entrepreneur who loves helping others win. Be sure to download her FREE 'Pricing Cheat Sheet' at

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Beauty Biz U! Let's get started!

    • Welcome to Beauty Biz U, 90 Days to WOW! (message and video)

  • 2

    Clients for Life - Relationships, Rebooks and Referrals

    • How do you keep your clients coming back again and again? (message)

    • Clients for Life - Relationships, Rebooks and Referrals (video)

    • Customer Interview Form for Exceptional Consultations (download)

  • 3

    Now you know the secrets of Clients for Life!

    • The 'secret' is, there is a 'recipe' for success! (very important message)

  • 4

    How SMART is your Goal?

    • How SMART is your Goal? (message)

    • Weekly Goal Planning Sheet (example)

    • Weekly Goal Planning Sheet (download)

  • 5

    Your "Real Job" as a Hairstylist; My 'Ferris Wheel' Theory

    • Build your confidence and fill your chair with ease! (message)

    • Your "Real Job" as a Hairstylist and how to stop taking things so personal... (video)

Don't Miss Out!

Courses with this much practical and proven content easily go for $1,000's!  I regularly make it available for $297, but if you take action now, you'll get a special discount for unlimited access to this life changing training.

What's included?

3 Simple Steps That Will Transform Your Salon Business

  • Goal Setting: Dream BIG

    If you know you don't want to spend years trying to build a clientele and generate the income you need, you need a plan! This section is the foundation of your success and will help you go gracefully from Point A to Point B. Your road to success starts here.

  • Clients for Life! Relationships, Rebooks and Referrals

    Searching for new clients can be frustrating, and even worse, it leaves your income on a 'roller coaster', where you never know how much you're going to make. This session shows you how to easily create (ideal) repeat clients who refer their friends and how to generate consistent income!

  • Where's Your Money, Honey?

    Are you struggling to make ends meet and robbing Peter to pay Paul? You may be making more than you realize, and with a few simple tweaks and tools, life could be so much better. Learn these simple ways to keep up with the money that comes into and goes out of your life, no matter how much you're making.

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