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Have you vowed' "I will NEVER to hire anyone, ever again?"
Don't let hiring 'disasters' keep you from growing your business!

After years of one hiring disaster after the other and a revolving door of unqualified, unmotivated employees, even theft, betrayal and a lawsuit, how did Miki Wright turn it all around and go on to create, not just one, but two different 'Award Winning' 'Dream Teams'?  

Miki knew she couldn't reach her dreams by herself.  First, she needed an Assistant to help her service the demands of a full and growing clientele.  She can't even count how many Assistants she had before she found the right one!  It was like a bad episode of a Reality TV Show,  LOL.  

Miki then wanted to own her own Salon business and wanted and needed team members.  She quickly (maybe not so quickly ;) realized that she needed a system - to hire, to train and to keep the business growing and servicing the ever growing clientele.  That team went on to be featured in local and national press, to win various awards, and based on verified numbers, was selected as one of the country's 200 Fastest Growing Salons, not just once, but for 3 consecutive years!

Yes, Miki bumped her head quite a few times, but fortunately, you don't have to!  Miki is ready to share her proven Hiring System to select people who will fit your business values and standards, how to get them off on the right foot (before they can self-destruct on their own), and how to create an environment where they want to stay and grow with you!

So you've tried hiring help before and you've had a nightmare - or two, or three! And you may have said, "It's just easier to do it myself!"  But now you're feeling stressed out, unable to keep up with demand and you know you could be earning so much more - if you only had help!  Are you ready to stop hiring all the wrong people, to stop playing the guessing games and find someone who is the absolute right fit for your business?  

You've come to the right place!  Whether you:
- Are looking for an Assistant to help you increase your business in 2020 and beyond?
- Are wondering how (and where) to find the help you need?
- Are you struggling to find help who will be a good fit for your culture and expectations?
- Have a small team (and maybe they are a little out of control) and you know you need more help to take your business to the next level?
- Have run out of hours to work and you're already charging top rates?
- Feel burnt out and like you've hit a 'glass ceiling' in your own business?

You're really good at what you do, you work long and you work hard, but are you ready to WORK SMART?

Register now and take advantage of the Special Offer and SAVE 50%!

Baffled by working with this new generation of Millennials?  If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  But how do you find, keep and train Millenials to be an asset to your business, when they have only known life with internet, cell phones and remote controls?  Rest assured that there are talented, motivated people out there, but you need a SYSTEM to quickly identify the diamonds in the rough, find out what motivates them and set up guidelines to train them and allow them to grow with you!

Learn how to hire, train and grow your Team (and business) in 2020!  

Each training includes Salon Owners who may have had (and asked) some of the same questions you have.  Here's what we'll cover in this course in the 6-90 minute Modules:

1. What's Stopping You?  What are your challenges? We'll address clarity, finger pointing and leadership and we'll even address, 'Can you afford to hire someone?'. In addition, we will uncover how Attraction Marketing can help with attracting great talent, as well as clients.
2. 5 Steps to Hiring Success System - We'll take a deep dive into Miki's proven Hiring System (that will do 90% of the weeding out for you) and we'll show you how to use these systems to minimize your involvement and get the best fit for your company.
3. Finding Great People - Strategies for Recruiting; Using your Marketing Message, Social Media and Attraction Marketing to locate highly motivated, ideal Team members; Preparation tips for before the Application and Interview process begins.
4. Onboarding and Training - Getting them off on the right foot; How to delegate; How to Train; Designing your Growth Plan to set them up for success!
5. Leadership - Developing a Backbone, leading with a vision and other leadership strategies that will have your whole team 'rowing together'!
6. Into Action - We'll address your business' Handbook, forms and documents, how to handle performance reviews and issues, self assessment, write ups and even the dreaded terminations.  

With these 6 power-packed sessions, you will leave feeling confident in your next hiring decisions and prepared with the tools and knowledge that you need to create your own 'Dream Team'!

This training will be fun and super informative, and, most importantly, effective with:

- Helping you get a handle on your recuiting
- Have a standard hiring process that everyone will go through, creating continuity in your business
- Have a Training and Onboarding system that will keep your entire team on the same page.
- Tips on training your team for success - from the very beginning
Navigating the economy and your business growth
- Help you reduce turnover by creating a plan that keeps them engaged and growing in and with your business
- How to effectively work with Millennials i.e. 'the microwave' generation
- Develp you as a leader, rather than a parent or a 'friend' to guide your team and ultimately acheive the vision you have for your business!

Join us and replace your Staff frustrations with SYSTEMS that work!  
Special pricing ends soon!  Sign up now!  

What's included?

You'll receive everything to you need to find, hire, train and retain your very own 'Dream Team'!

- Miki's Special 3-4 page Application that will do 90% of the weeding out for you and separate the applicants who are not a good fit and make those who are potentially good fit stand out. 

- A Special Hiring Checklist that will take the guesswork and favoritism out of your  hiring decisions. 

- Instant access to video recordings of all 6 modules - watch anytime, as many times as you like.  You can even listen to them when you're on the go.

- Access to the Document Library with documents and document samples you'll need to hire, train and run a successful business, including a sample Salon Handbook.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel, but you can feel free to make them your own.

  Plus, Miki will answer your questions on the Private Facebook Page.

PLUS, sign up as an 'right away' and you'll receive these Special Bonuses!

- Training for you and your team. The Clients for Life Webinar Training covers the keys to building a solid clientele in the Beauty Industry - Referrals, Rebooks and Relationships ($125 value) 

- Help your Stylist jump start their career with the best selling book, Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST!  With tips on working with clients and what to talk about and what NOT to talk about!  ($29.95 value)

What's the investment?

You're probably wondering, how much is a Coaching Program like this?  Of course, these types of trainings with this much value and personalized Coaching can range into the tens of thousands!  

We'll fortunately, Miki is 100% committed to your success as a Salon Owner and wants to offer this premium training at an extremely reasonable investment of only $997.00

For a Limited time, this course is being offered for more than 50% off as a limited time offer Yes, that's right it's not $497, it's ONLY $297!  In exchange, we want your feedback to help us make this training even better!  

Don't feel comfortable signing up online?  Call 301-518-4070 to take advantage of this special offer.

When can you get started: 

Your access starts immediately after you sign up!

The training is completely self paced and you can refer to the information at any time!  It is suggested that you treat this like a college course and schedule a (non-negotiable) time in your calendar to meet weekly for each session.  Feel free to used the Discussion area for any questions.  In addition, you'll have access to the private Facebook Group to network and connect with other Owners. 

(for a limited time only)

Sign up now for ONLY $297!

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5 star rating



"Thanking Miki for "SOUND ADVISE"! After speaking with Miki during one of our training sessions and expressing concern for finding qualified booth renters fo...

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"Thanking Miki for "SOUND ADVISE"! After speaking with Miki during one of our training sessions and expressing concern for finding qualified booth renters for my salon. She asked me specific questions in describing the type of stylist that I wanted for my salon. After deep thought, I placed an ad with my specifics and explained clearly what I was looking for in a stylist for my team. I placed this ad on craigslist and got a response from a veteran stylist that was looking for a new salon home...she was no more than 3 miles down the same street! I interviewed her with Miki's checklist and had her answer some specific questions that gave me a great sense of confidence in her ability and her desires to be a great team player. If it was not for Miki, I am sure I would still be trying to figure out what my ideal stylist looks like and in the worst case-accepting whomever walked through the door to fill a chair! I was so excited I had to text Miki to tell her the news! Thanks so much Miki!!!

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5 star rating

Exactly what the title says!

Jeannette Lewis

Exactly what every business owner or entrepreneur needs to consider

Exactly what every business owner or entrepreneur needs to consider

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Are you ready to give up your frustrations and headaches and grow your business and your team?

Get Started Now! Let Miki give you a simple system to help you find and keep great Stylists and avoid common hiring mistakes!

About the instructor

Salon Business Coach and Host of Beauty SuperStars Talk

Miki Wright

Chances are, wherever you are, I've been there. I went from a struggling Stylist, having to go back and get a 'real job' to booked solid in months, not years. I then went on to own a successful salon where I trained my Stylists how to duplicate my success. That Salon (and later Day Spa) was selected as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three (3) consecutive years!!! Why not learn what it really takes to effectively grow your Salon, Salon Suite or clientele from someone who’s been in your shoes? Allow me to share the 'secrets' and systems that helped me grow, so that you can too!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the Dream Team Academy!

  • 2

    Module #1 What's Stopping You?

    • Lesson 1 Worksheet

    • What's Stopping You? video

  • 3

    Module #2 5 Steps to Hiring Success

    • Hiring Documents, including Lesson 2 Handout

    • 5 Steps to Hiring Success video

    • Special Application

    • Sample Booth Rental Agreement

  • 4

    Module #3 Finding Great Talent

    • Lesson 3 Worksheet

    • Finding Great Talent video

  • 5

    Module #4 Onboarding and Training

    • You've hired them, now what?!?

    • Lesson 4 Worksheet

    • Onboarding and Training video

    • Salon Handbook sample

    • Onboarding Documents

  • 6

    Module #5 Leadership

    • Leadership - Mindset, Compensation and Growing a Backbone

    • Leadership video

    • Lesson 5 Worksheet

  • 7

    Module #6 Into Action

    • Into Action - Real life, real techniques to grow and protect your business!

    • Lesson 6 Worksheet

    • Into Action Video

    • Performance Issue Corrective Action Form