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Ready to Fill Your Chair, No Matter What's Going With the Economy?

This FREE Online Masterclass shares what Hair Stylists need to know to fill their chair day in and day out.

Without a doubt, bringing clients into the salon on a regular basis is one of the most challenging parts of being a Hairstylist, especially since the pandemic. Some clients are still hesitant to go to the salon, others are working from home and may not need our services, and for others, who used to get their hair services near where they work, with working from home, driving to their old salon is out of the question. Then with the cost of everything going up, some clients are coming in, but not as frequently!  So what is a talented, yet hungry Hair Stylist to do? 

Join Celebrity Hair Stylist, Dr. Adrin Seven as he hosts industry expert, former Hairstylist and Salon Business Coach, Miki Wright to explore new ways to fill your chair for this new world we are living in.

You'll leave this Masterclass with:

  • Online strategies to get clients in your chair, no matter how few followers you have.
  • Low cost offline strategies, also known as 'old school', that still work. Some of the people you want to attract may not spend all of their time online, or may not see you.
  • Techniques to not only attract new clients, but attract your ideal clients. 
  • A sense of what today's clients are looking for.
  • And how to stand out in your market, to be able to charge premium prices

We want you to win, all you have to do is sign up, mark  your calendar and be ready to be a sponge.

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Find out the things the Top 20% of Hair Stylists know that keeps them busy, without the ups and downs that most 'Average' Stylists face!

Instructor and Host

Join Celebrity Hair Stylist Dr. Adrin Seven and Salon Coach Miki Wright

Pricing Strategist and Business Funding Expert

Miki Wright

Miki Wright is a Pricing Strategist who offers Business Owners the tools, training and confidence to set, communicate and raise their prices, without fear or guilt - so they can create the business, and lifestyle, they desire and deserve. From a struggling stylist forced to leave the beauty industry for a 'real job' to make ends meet, Wright transformed her career and went on to own one of the country's '200 Fastest Growing' salons, recognized by Salon Today for three consecutive years. Wright is an award winning Entrepreneur who loves helping others win. Be sure to download her FREE 'Pricing Cheat Sheet' at

Celebrity Hairstylist

Dr. Adrin Seven

Dr. Adrin “Seven” Washington. His stellar signature styles have found their way to the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, InStyle, Heart & Soul, Jet, Upscale, Ebony, Black Hair Sophisticates, and other leading beauty and fashion magazines. With remarkable talent, innovative skills and undeniable charm, he has been matched by the likes of celebrities such as Patti La Belle, Lynda Carter, Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Poehler, Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union, Rashida Jones, America Ferrera, Chaka Khan, Debra Lee, Valerie Jarret, Nicki Minaj, Loretta Lynch, and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few. His work has been featured on numerous television programs, including “Good Morning America,” “The View’, “Chelsey Lately”, “Late Night with Stephen Colbert’, “The Martha Stewart Show,” “Extreme Makeover,” “Inside Edition,” “CNN Tonight,” “Fox 5 Morning News”, “The Real Housewives of DC”, “The Real”, & “Morning Joe”.