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It's time to STOP the madness!

No more giving Nordstrom level service and styles for K-Mart prices! If it’s time for you to truly work smarter, rather than harder, you are in the right place. 

You may be like so many Hairstylists, who do beautiful work, spend hours away from their family, only to go home exhausted, and still scrambling to make ends meet. 

Or you may be making good money, but when you look at the time, energy and expertise you put into your styles, deep down inside, you know you’re not making what you should. 

Or you may have way too many clients (especially after the pandemic), then spend the time when you’re off answering texts and trying to squeeze people in. Something’s gotta give! 


The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint gives you the tools, support and training to position your business as a valued Brand, confidently increase your prices, enhance your creativity and give an impeccable client experience, every time, without seeming pushy or arrogant.

The Blueprint will show you how to:

• Spend your day doing what you love - while you make more $$

• Attract and woo your ideal clients

• Build your confidence and have those difficult conversations about your prices, with ease

• Create pricing that’s personalized to your business and personal goals

• Raise your prices with minimal pushback

• Align your work, your pricing and your marketing message

• Easily keep up with your money and understand the story your numbers are trying to tell you

• Create a ‘new wineskin’ - a new, clear and customized plan to help you reach your goals faster and with grace.

Get started TODAY! 

Work at your own pace, plan to finish in 6 weeks or less:

  1. How to Build Your Confidence and Charge What You’re Worth
  2. Defining  Your Sweet Spot and The Pricing Formula
  3. How (and When) to Tell Your Clients
  4. Elevating Your Brand and Creating the Luxury Experience
  5. Staying on Track

PLUS,  you'll leave with your New Business Plan

BONUS: Meet with me and other motivated Hairstylists LIVE for 4 Implementation and Q&A sessions.   I can tell you, as great as this training is, this is where the real magic happens.  We will dive in and uncover anything that may be holding you back, practice so you won't be as nervous with your clients and answer any questions.  The sessions will be recorded, but your participation will explode your growth.  We will meet at 7pm ET:

  • Tuesday, July 12th
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Tuesday, July 26th
  • Tuesday, August 2nd

Why not learn and grow as a team? Want to build your confidence and your income even faster?  Have a friend or colleague sign up at the same time.  

Either way, you won't recognize the confident new you by the end!

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Salon Business Coach and Host of Beauty SuperStars Talk

Miki Wright

Chances are, wherever you are, I've been there. I went from a struggling Stylist, having to go back and get a 'real job' to booked solid in months, not years. I then went on to own a successful salon where I trained my Stylists how to duplicate my success. That Salon (and later Day Spa) was selected as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three (3) consecutive years!!! Why not learn what it really takes to effectively grow your Salon, Salon Suite or clientele from someone who’s been in your shoes? Allow me to share the 'secrets' and systems that helped me grow, so that you can too!

Introductory Special

For a Limited Time, get started for ONLY $257! 

(plus 3 additional installments of $257) 

OR save with a 1 time investment of only $997

(Regularly $1997)

PLUS, act now and receive a  SPECIAL BONUS:  4 LIVE Sessions -  Q&A , Role Play and Accountability  ($997 value) 

Our new 4-pay option, at less than $10 a day, makes it super simple to become a Luxury Hairstylist who commands premium prices, allowing you to make more, work less and give your creative best to your clients!

Testimonial from Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint Student

Precious shares her experience how, only halfway through this program, she was able to add an extra $1000 to her earnings each week!

What would your business look like if you added $1,000 more a week to your income, like Precious?

Can I let you in on a secret...

Precious was super nervous to raise her prices. But it all changed when she hit this button!

Testimonial from Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint Student

After the course, Fabienne shared that she had several things happen in her personal life that could've gotten in the way of her completing the training.  But she realized 'life' will always happen, and you have to be committed to yourself and your dreams.  It turned out that because of this course and the increases she had to her income, she was able to be a blessing to her family in a time of need!  Don't let one more thing get in the way of the things you want!  

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It's time to get rid of your big 'but' and take the steps to raise your prices and charge what you're really worth!


  • What if this is not the right time for me?

    One of the recent graduates had the same reservation. She had some things scheduled, but when I assured her that the class would be over in a few short weeks (think about how quickly the last 6 weeks have gone) and she would be earning more, she decided to take the jump. And she told me, she's so glad she did. She also had some unexpected events come up in her life during the program, that could've completely derailed her, but she stayed committed to herself. Because she did, in fact, increase her income, she was able to be a blessing to her family in a time of need. If you want or need to increase your income, this is the right time.

  • What if I'm doing another program right now?

    The great thing about these programs is that it's not something that will load you up with a lot of ‘homework’. Most of the transformation is around your mindset and by putting what you learn into action in the business you already have. I have a feeling, your enhanced sense of confidence may even be a plus with anything else you're doing. It is important that you take charge of your future by scheduling your study time and show up ready to be present and open to learning and implementing. It's why the people who go through the program grow so quickly! With that said, if you aren't able to commit to being present for yourself, then this may not be the time for you. Or you may need to partner with a friend for extra accountability. As I mentioned in the Webinar, it's not for everyone. Only those who are serious about making a change.

  • What about my unique situation, will the course be too general?

    That's the great thing about this program, it's not a cookie cutter approach. You will learn a system that you can use at any stage of your career and life to create it just the way you want it. I totally understand that pricing, and even the way you want to run your business, is not one size fit all. The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint will provide you with a personalized plan that you can adjust any time you want.

  • What if I am just starting out?

    This course is best suited for Stylists who have a clientele and some level of structure with their business, and want to scale or 'level up'. If you're just starting out, I have another program that may be a better fit, Beauty Biz U, and it may be the best thing you ever do for your career. If you remember from the webinar, the cost of undercharging and discounting your services? That $250,000 difference. If you're starting out and put the things you learn in BBU in place, you will outpace others in your position, and many ‘veterans’ in the industry, and thrive, no matter if there's a recession or not. Look for Beauty Biz U under 'All Courses' at the top of the page.

  • What if I'm already advanced in this topic will it still help me?

    If you are open to adding additional income, learning how to double or triple your income, while doing 2-4 clients a day, and looking at your business in a whole other way, then The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint would be ideal for you. If you are completely satisfied with the clientele, freedom and income you have, then there wouldn't be a need for you to take it.

  • What if I've tried and failed before in the past?

    I get it. It can feel very frustrating. You can rest assured that what I share is a proven system. I've helped 10's of thousands of Hairstylists to ‘get it', and it's transformed their life. People who were young, older, people who were so frustrated and not making any money, that they were ready to leave the industry. If someone like that can turn it all around, you're making the right decision. And if, for some reason, you take all the steps and your income doesn't increase, there's a 60 day money back guarantee.

Additional courses

Still building your clientele and want to do it right? I've got a shortcut! Check out the Ultimate Salon Success System, Beauty Biz U!