Don't Let Life Derail Your Goals!

What if you could learn the simple planning secrets of successful, creative people in less than 20 minutes?  I know, that sounds incredible, and a little hard to believe.  But honestly, this has been a game changer for me and so many others. 
Have you ever noticed that life keeps life-ing?  Whether it’s graduations and other special events, personal challenges, kids, parents, or an unexpected event.  Last week I had an unexpected family emergency.  Thursday morning I was awakened with an early morning phone call and had about an hour to get dressed, packed and get to the airport.  It was a long couple of days and by the time I got back home, I was EXHAUSTED.  So exhausted I slept the entire next day, Saturday.  Then Sunday was Mother's Day, which was family time.  So that was the better part of 3 - 4 days out of my week that I wasn’t focused on my work and other priorities.
Fortunately, I have some tools and systems in place, where I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off, see, ‘What’s the most important thing?’ so that I could start over this week.  Once I identified that, it was the start of not only getting my week back on track, but actually having a very productive week.  Life does NOT have to derail your dreams. 
If you find yourself all over the place, in overwhelm, or simply not getting around to the things that you say are really important to you, I want to share my tools and system with you.  Trust me, they are ‘super simple’, or quite honestly, I wouldn’t use them and things (the right things) wouldn’t get done.  I invite you to grab your copy of my “Plan to Win NOW: Simple Planning Secrets Revealed”online class today!  It’s less than 20 minutes long and will help you:
  • Decide what’s most important to you
  • STOP beating up on yourself because you didn’t get everything done
  • Assess and change course as it makes sense to you
  • Avoid reaching a goal and realizing it wasn’t even what you really want
  • Get rid of feeling like everything is equally important and needs to be done today
  • Create a simple daily action plan
  • Connect your daily and weekly actions to your long term goals, so that you can see that you are making progress
It’s easy to get off track with the things that are important to you. Plan to Win Now, is a way to keep you focused on getting the most important things (to you) done and helping you quickly get back on track when other distractions or ‘life’ happens.  It’s a $199 value that's available to you for a limited time for ONLY $29!  Click below to get immediate access! 

Get Out of Overwhelm Starting Now!

Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. For many, especially Creatives, we haven't found a system that works for us. This was created by a Creative Person, for Creative People, but works wonderfully, even if you were 'born organized'.

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Getting organized

Dianna Lefevre

I'm very excited about this course and first segment of it today was very encouraging. It sounds like it's gonna help me become much more organized and yet r...

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I'm very excited about this course and first segment of it today was very encouraging. It sounds like it's gonna help me become much more organized and yet relieve some of my anxieties.

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5 star rating


Jacqueline Hargrove

Very interesting

Very interesting

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