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Let's face it, being your own boss sounds sexy, right?  Who wouldn't want to work for themselves, follow their passion; set their own hours, i.e. work when they want, vacation all the time; set their own prices and charge what they're really worth, right? 

While owning your own business can be great, it takes work, discipline and commitment to get the job done, often, no matter what.  The reality is that most small businesses, including salons, don't make it longer than 3-5 years. What are you doing to increase your odds of success?k

If you've taken all the classes and now you're ready for results, you've come to the right place!


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You may be wondering, what is a Mastermind?  It's a term from the classic Napoleon Hill book, Think and Grow Rich.  It's a mentoring group with a combination of training, brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to create the success you want.

If you're ready to play a bigger game, what results can you expect from this Mastermind?

  • Increased confidence, clarity and income
  • Ways to increase your income whether you're behind the chair or not
  • Locating your 'Business Sweetspot' that will make you stand above the crowd and attract your ideal clients
  • Tools to streamline your Social Media - spend less tie and get more clients
  • Find out the few 'key numbers' you need to focus on to explode your business
  • Get a handle on your money - know what's coming in and what's going out and how to plug the leaks
  • How to stop running around and take control of your time
  • Tips for getting organized as a creative person
  • Your own personalized 12 month Marketing Plan
  • Strategies to create clients for life and better relationships 
  • Gaining new professional friendships, accountability and support 

WOW! Sign me up!

In this Mastermind, you'll work on your own goals.  We will meet 2 times a month for the next 3 months.  

Session 1 each month - I'll provide a training on utilizing some of my tools that have had the most impact for my private Coaching clients, which include Marketing, Social Media, Time Planning and more.   We will also have time to connect and brainstorm. 

Session 2 each month - There will be time for Q&A, Brainstorming your challenges with the group and a Coaching 'hotseat' 

As a FREE Bonus, I've included my best selling 90 Days to WOW! Salon Success System that has created such wild results that it has people saying "WOW!"  One Stylist, who was struggling and on the brink of throwing in the towel, followed the program and to 176 NEW clients - in less than 6 months!   WOW!  As you might imagine, that completely changed her business and she's still thriving today.

The program has several sessions that are focused on clarity and goal setting, client for life strategies and a session called 'Where's Your Money, Honey?' 

Our Mastermind will follow along with the proven system of 90 Days to WOW! Salon Success System, which you will complete in between our Live meetings.  The group and I will be with you every step of the way.  This is designed to make your end of the year stronger and to propel you into 2021 with both barrels blazing.   

This program will work whether you want to focus on your Salon business or if you are ready to pivot into adding an additional stream of income, or even if you want to transition away from being behind the chair.

Sign up NOW, the next session is Monday, April 5th at 4pm ET/1pm PT

I'm ready for instant access!

The Live meeting dates will be announced

EXTRA BONUS:  Join us before March 15th and Miki with meet with you personally for a 30 minute Private Coaching Session, a $115 value - for FREE!!

P. S.  Your participation at the Live events is essential for both you and the rest of the team.  We know, that sometimes, life happens.  If you have to miss a live session, they will be recorded and available to you as a group member.

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Be Your Own BO$$ Group Coaching details

Being your own boss has become a common catch phrase lately.  Let's face it, it sounds sexy!  Who wouldn't want to work for themselves, follow their passion; set their own hours, i.e. work when they want, vacation all the time; set their own prices and charge what they're really worth, right?  

The reality is rarely that simple.  While owning your own business can be great, it takes work, discipline and commitment to get the job done, often, no matter what.  The reality is that most small businesses, including salons, don't make it longer than 3-5 years.  The reality is not that most Small Business Owners don't have what it takes, we often don't have the preparation to know exactly what it does take and the education to put those practices into action to create a profitable business that can run like a well oiled machine.

The fact is you can do it, but you do need to take the time and invest in yourself and in learning what to do, how to do and why to do.  And even when to do.  Businesses are not all alike, but there are some principles that apply to all small businesses, that need to be assessed, personalized and implemented with consistency.  That's what this 6 month journey will take you through.  The things that you need to know and do on a regular basis.

This is not a class.  Yes, you will learn some things and some you may already know.  This program is about implementing to get the results that you've been working so hard for.  It's also about removing the blocks that may be keeping you from 'living your best life' and running your best business.  It will include some instruction, lots of support from peers and accountability to actually commit and get things done, with focus.  In other words, this program is about getting you results.

Is this Program right for YOU?

You have come to the right place at the right time if:

  • You are committed to creating results that you have not yet reached
  • Ready to be uncomfortable to reach those results
  • Are teachable and looking for guidance to learn the things you may not know
  • Want and need support to help you implement the things you know you need to do but aren't doing
  • Are willing to carve out an hour a week to work on your business, instead of in it
  • Are willing to invest in yourself and your business, knowing it will result in generating much more than it cost

This is NOT the Program for you, if:

  • You're not ready to make any changes to get new results
  • You already know everything
  • You're way too busy to fit a program like this into your schedule
  • You're hesitant to invest in your business and yourself for fear it won't work
  • You're already satisfied with the results you've created in your business

The truth is, this program is NOT for everyone and it will be kept small intentionally.  Only a select number of business owners will be accepted  into the program.  We are looking for serious business owners, who know, their time is NOW!  Those who know that 2021 will be their year and the change starts NOW!  If that sounds like you, take the next step and click the Join Now button now or choose the Payment Plan Option!  Either way, you'll be sent a welcome email and special access to the 90 Days to WOW! Salon Success System!

What's required?

If you choose to be part of this program, we will meet 2 times a month for 3 months.  We'll cover:

  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Money Management 
  • Hiring and more!

You will have the support of the group, accountability and gain the knowledge you need to implement the things that will make a difference in YOUR business.  It will be small so that each participant will be able to gain from the experience and achieve results.  The next session will start Monday, November 2, 2020 at 7pm ET/4pm PT.  This will be the last session until the new year, so don't miss out.

What's the Investment?

The tuition or investment for this program is usually $1,497.  Right now, because of the impact of COVID-19, it's available for ONLY $599 or $249 each month for the 3 months.  This type of Coaching normally goes for much more, sometimes tens of $1,000's.  In addition, there is a special bonus for anyone who joins by October 15th, of a FREE 30 minute Private Coaching Session, that's a $100 value!

Of course it includes all of your materials and the sessions will be recorded, so you can review them later, or if you have to miss a session.

P.S.  Keep in mind, it's an investment and it's designed to help you reach and exceed the $100,000 mark this year!

To reserve your space call 301-518-4070 or click the Join Now button now (which says it's free) and you will be sent a special link to fully register!

If you are interested, but still have questions, email or text 301-518-4070 to set a time to speak.

P.S. Be one of the first to join, by March 15th, and Miki will meet with you for a FREE 30 min. Private Coaching Session!   

To reserve your space TODAY, click the button above or for the 4-pay option, click here!

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About the instructor

Salon Business Coach and Host of Beauty SuperStars Talk

Miki Wright

Chances are, wherever you are, I've been there. I went from a struggling Stylist, having to go back and get a 'real job' to booked solid in months, not years. I then went on to own a successful salon where I trained my Stylists how to duplicate my success. That Salon (and later Day Spa) was selected as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three (3) consecutive years!!! Why not learn what it really takes to effectively grow your Salon, Salon Suite or clientele from someone who’s been in your shoes? Allow me to share the 'secrets' and systems that helped me grow, so that you can too!

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