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When you're in business it can feel like you're all alone and juggling way too many things.  If you're feeling like that, help is on the way.  If you've ever tried to get help and instead feel like you've added yet another thing to your plate, you've come to the right place.  This training will give you a system. It's a system created by someone who knows how it feels to have a busy schedule, taking care of clients, marketing and running a business - with no time for nonsense or time wasters!  You need tools that work! 

If you're ready to grow your team, take a few things off your plate and you haven't known where to start, you're here.  Click the button below, grab a cup of tea and your notebook, and get ready to learn a new approach to hiring and add a new 'Dream Team' member to your team!

Whether you’re a booth rental or commission Salon Owner,  a Stylist seeking an Assistant, or even any other type of business, it seems like (almost) everyone is having a challenge with finding and keeping great talent!

Whether you've felt like your new hire doesn’t want to work or you hired the 'perfect' person, only to watch them turn from Dr. Jeckyll into Mr. Hyde  in a matter of weeks, you may be wondering if there's any hope???

You’ll be glad to know, yes there is hope and you don't  have to wing it on your own any longer?! Just about every day I receive requests for Stylists looking for Salons to work in. Some are just out of school, some are moving to new areas and some are just ready for a change of environment, wanting to work somewhere that’s ‘more professional’! And for every one that I hear from, I’m sure there are many more that I don’t hear from! So the question is, how do you find them? And then how do you keep them?

If you're ready to give up and throw in the towel, I’m here to tell you that there are talented, motivated people out there, but you need a SYSTEM to quickly identify the diamonds in the rough!  In this class, we will focus on:

  • My proven ‘5 Step Hiring System’ to help you spot the gems. Once you learn it, it’s a system that you can use whenever you need it!
  • I will personally walk you through the ‘what’ to do, as well as the ‘why’ to do it and ‘how’ to do it most effectively.
  • I will share my unique, 3-4 page Application, that’s designed to do 90% of your screening for you! It’s a download you can keep on your desktop – it’s included at no extra charge.
  • I’ll also send you a brand new Hiring Checklist which is a ‘scorecard’ of the most important traits your new hire should possess.  This unique tool will help you to take the guesswork and the emotion out of your hiring decisions!
  • Are you wondering if you existing team is really right for you and your business?  Before you throw out the baby with the bathwater, use this Self Assessment that you'll receive as part of the training   to ensure that they are a good fit as you move forward. 
  • Plus, one of the most requested things is 'What kind of questions do I ask them to really get the truth?'  This course includes a list of Interview Questions and more questions that you can pick and choose from. 

In addition to the video training, I will provide you with a FREE audio download of the class, so you can listen while you drive or workout and to review, as needed. 

If you’re tired of going around in circles trying to find the right people to fill your open positions, you have two choices – 1) keep doing the same things you’ve been doing (by the way, that is the definition of insanity) or 2) join us for this unique and exciting training! 

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Praise for this course:


"Thanking Miki for "SOUND ADVISE"! After speaking with Miki during one of our training sessions and expressing concern for finding qualified booth renters for my salon. She asked me specific questions in describing the type of stylist that I wante...



"Thanking Miki for "SOUND ADVISE"! After speaking with Miki during one of our training sessions and expressing concern for finding qualified booth renters for my salon. She asked me specific questions in describing the type of stylist that I wante...

Miki Wright
Miki Wright
Small Business & Salon Success Consultant

About the instructor

Miki Wright went from struggling Stylist to booked solid in months, not years, and then went on to own a successful salon where she trained her Stylists how to duplicate her success.  Wright has excelled in hiring and training great talent, why not learn what it really takes to effectively grow your Salon or Small Business from someone who’s been in your shoes?   Wright is a Small Business and Salon Success Consultant and the founder of www.BeautySuperStars.com.  Her former Salon and Day Spa was selected as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three (3) consecutive years!!!  She's now ready to share the 'secrets' and systems that helped her grow, so that you can too!

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